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IMEF de la Morena

I.M.E.F. de la Morena, S.L. He began his activity in the field of railways in 1984 within the Substation sector, making assemblies on site and as a subcontractor company of AEG Iberica.

Starting in 1994, the activity of Manufactures of Electrical Frames was started, mainly for the control of Traction Substations. In 2005, ADIF approved the certification of booths for the traffic signals service and in 2006 the traffic signal reduction booths were approved.

Our objectives are to continue in this line and continue incorporating more services approved by Adif, this being the field to which we direct the growth of our company in the immediate future. The activity of our company is divided into two fundamental groups: Assembly on site, either as direct contractors of Adif or as an outsourced company and on the other hand, Electrical Manufacturing in the workshop.

F. de la Morena

Calle El Barrero, 7
28723 - Pedrezuela

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